Michigan vs. Louisville

Posted by on April 8, 2013

With just over an hour left until the final college basketball game of the 2013 season, I give you one last look at Michigan and Louisville. Michigan comes in with the number one ranked offense in the country, Louisville comes in with the number one ranked defense in the country. Obviously the reason Louisville is favored is their “weakness” (offense) is better than Michigan’s “weakness” (defense). Weakness is in quotes, because this is relatively speaking. It’s difficult for a team to make it this far with a truly big weakness on either offense or defense.
John Gasaway explained how Louisville’s offense has been really good in the tournament to date. I took a look at how both teams have done game by game this season on their weaker side of the ball. Tournament games are in blue:

Louisville’s offensive performances in their five NCAA tournament games have been some of their best of the year. Michigan struggled some on defense against Kansas and they will need to be great tonight in order to cut down the nets.
Enjoy the show!

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