Getting to Know Hoop Vision (Video Charting Overview)

Posted by on June 21, 2010

Video Analysis is a technique we will be instituting at Hoop Vision. Video Charting can show different aspects about individual teams. It can show tendencies of how a team functions. For example, how often a team passes and where there shots are coming from. By looking at what happens when a team has success on a possession and what happens on a possession a team does not have success we can make conclusions. However, sample size can play a big role in the charting. The more plays that are charted the more reliable the data is. 82games charted touches/dribbles, rebounds, floor locations, and passes in bulk for the NBA. Great conclusions can be made conceptually for offensive efficiency based on the data.

Despite the clear troubles of sample size, we think charting can give a unique perspective of a game. There are many things we can do with the charting and we will probably be learning as we go. The chart below is the first 10 possessions for Utah St. versus Texas A&M in the NCAA Tourney. With our luck, we picked 10 miserable possessions from a normally efficient team (can’t emphasize sample size enough).

Charts with information like this one above will be featured in game recaps. Throughout the year, we will look to provide in depth analysis on keys to success in basketball in general and on a team specific level. Game charting will be one of many ways that we hope to make Hoop Vision unique and insightful.

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