Getting to Know Hoop Vision (The Hoop Vision Top 25)

Posted by on June 25, 2010

The TFS Community naturally tends to have similar opinions on many teams and players in basketball. At Hoop Vision, there are certain types of teams we enjoy to watch and follow. The top 25 we put together in this post is not the best 25 teams in NCAAB. The idea was borrowed from a Carson Cistulli post at Fangraphs. He introduced a stat for baseball pitchers called NERD (comprised of qualities that stat geeks tend to like). We tried to do that in this top 25. This top 25 is from the 2009-2010 season.

  • Component One: Adjusted Efficiency (AdjO-AdjD)
  • Component Two: Offense ((eFG%*2)+(OR%)+(TO%))
  • Component Three: Defense ((eFG%)+(OR%/2)+(TO%*2))
  • Component Four: Luck (Found at kenpom)
  • Component Five: Conference Dominance ((Pythag) – (Conf AVG Pythag))

Note: The offense and defense components are pretty arbitrary. It is what we favor, but can definitely be ambiguous.

These components are not weighted equally. Like Cistulli did at Fangraphs, I found the z-score (standard deviations from the mean) of each component. The final formula is:

(((aEFFz) + (OFFz*2) + (DEFz/2) + (LUCKz*2) + (CONFz*2)) / 2) + 5

This gives almost every team a number from 0-10. The top 2 teams were rounded down to 10 while the bottom three were rounded up to 0. Without further ado, the Hoop Vision 2009-2010 Top 25:

This chart as well as charts for the top three teams in each conference can be found on its own page. You can go there by clicking on the “Hoop Vision Top 25 (2009-2010)” tab at the top of the website.

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